What cross is needed for the baptism of the infant, child? Which cross to choose for baptism

  1. Cross - protection from the hardships of life
  2. Decorative or luxury?
  3. Where to buy a gold cross
  4. Which cross is better to choose

The sacrament of baptism is a sacred act available to a person of any age. If parents did not christen their child in infancy, in adulthood, each of us has the right to be baptized on our own at any age. According to church traditions, the most favorable period for baptism is the eighth or fortieth day of the life of the newborn.

Silver openwork cross Healing of the Lord
Silver openwork cross "Healing of the Lord"

The modern lifestyle of today's society makes its own adjustments to church activities, so many baptize children at a convenient time for them, without becoming attached to the day of the week or the time of the year. The basic rules still remain the same; for the rite, a cross is a mandatory attribute . You bring it with you, buy it in advance in a temple or jewelry store. In the Internet hypermarket Zlato.ua you have the opportunity to choose and buy golden cross or silver classic and original design. Give this choice to the godfather, because it is he who, by tradition, buys "a symbol of God's blessing."

Cross - protection from the hardships of life

Underwear children's cross - this is not just an ornament, but a kind of amulet. When choosing a product for a baby, you should consider some of the nuances. Recommendations for choosing from Zlato.ua:

  • The skin of the baby is very delicate, so as not to damage it, it is advisable to roll up a small golden cross with rounded, not sharp ends.
  • The child will feel most comfortable with a small cross (up to 2 cm in length), so he will not distract and interfere with his owner during sleep.
  • There are no strict rules and church requirements for metal crosses for baptism, copper, bronze and even amber products are used. Jewelery made of gold and silver have a significant advantage over "simple" materials. Precious metal does not cause an allergic reaction on the baby’s skin.
  • Special attention should be paid chained or lace, which will hang jewelry. Children are very mobile and nimble, so the chain should be strong, not thin and not too short (long), so that parents do not worry about the loss of jewelry.
  • When purchasing a cross, choose an ornament with the image of the Savior Jesus Christ and the inscription "Save and Save."

For decent performance of the Sacrament of Epiphany in the online store Zlato you will find the perfect jewelry. Products correspond to church canons, upon purchase the guarantee for goods is attached. In the assortment of the store there are appropriate chains.

Light of Faith
"Light of Faith"

Decorative or luxury?

The obligation to buy a children's cross is traditionally imposed on the godfather, but some parents prefer to independently resolve this issue. The price for crosses for baptism varies depending on the design, manufacturer and weight of the selected jewelry.

Although it is customary to hide these jewelery from an “alien look”, it is not recommended to save on their purchase. Baptism, like birth, happens once in a lifetime, the cross is a symbol of God's blessing and will protect the child throughout his life's journey.

Where to buy a gold cross

Jewerely store Gold offers a variety of jewelry. In the catalog you will find decorative items that will become not only protection from evil, but also a worthy decoration in adult life.

Silver Creed
Silver Creed

Which cross is better to choose

In the assortment of Zlato there are crosses that meet the canons of both the Orthodox and the Catholic Church. Their main differences:

  • 8 and 6 end crosses, “trefoil” - a symbol of the Christian faith, and Catholics form of the cross is simplified, it consists of two crossbars;
  • the engraving of the inscription “Save and Save” is present only in Orthodoxy;
  • among the supporters of the Catholic Church, the image personifies suffering and suffering, the most realistic image of the martyr is used, the Savior's legs are crossed.

The church has no restrictions on the figured, carved and decorative products. If the children's cross you liked - do not hesitate with the purchase. The jewelry store Zlato will help you to carry out your plans. Wide range includes:

  • crosses with rubber inserts;
  • unique two-sided products;
  • red gold jewelery;
  • silverware with diamond cut and others.

God's mercy
"God's mercy"

Traditionally on christening give a golden cross. But there is another side to rationality. We all know how much our children are energetic and scattered, they constantly lose or forget something. For practical reasons, Zlato recommends buying a silver cross for baptism . For the price it is cheaper and besides the material has antiseptic properties. There is another option - to buy a symbol of faith from gold and silver incense . Sanctify these ornaments in the temple, put the children's cross for a while in casket until your child grows up to a conscious age, in the meantime the woman will protect it.

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